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There are 4 basic functions through which magnetic energy can provide therapeutic comfort and healing:

  • Alleviate or Relieve Pain

  • Assist Body’s Healing Functions

  • Improve Circulation

  • Revitalize Body’s Energy

This is a fascinating natural science and an astounding technology that can help even the healthiest person feel and look better. Some people using these self care health magnets are getting results and relief within minutes, hours, or in just a few days, from head, neck, shoulder, back, wrist, elbow, knee, ankle and foot problems. Many people with more serious health problems are having their discomfort eased.

Magnetic energy attracts iron and other electrically charged blood particles to the area of discomfort or pain. Blood is drawn towards the magnet at an accelerated pace, which in turn, fully oxygenates the blood cells. This enriched blood supply and enhanced circulation causes blood vessels to dilate allowing the injured tissue (whether muscles, organs, tendons, cartilage, bone etc.) to receive additional oxygen and nutrients, thus promoting healing.

Magnetic energy acts to quiet the nerves. When pain is experienced, nerve endings become more active and send strong electric pain signals to the brain. Magnetic energy decreases the electrical activity and helps close the pain signal channels. The degree of pain relief derived is dependent upon the source and intensity of the pain. Therefore, it is possible for individuals to have varying results. Magnetic energy neutralizes the ill effects of harmful electro-magnetic fields (EMF). These harmful fields are emitted from appliances, computers, televisions, cell phones, power lines, fluorescent lights, office equipment and other electronic devices. The human body has a balanced energy field. Millions of bio-magnetic and electro-chemical impulses balance and regulate the activity of every human cell. For example, EMF can disrupt the natural structure of the ions in our blood (a 5/4 ratio of positive to negative ions). This disruption of our energy field can make us feel fatigued and even stressed and irritable. Magnetic energy can be utilized to remedy the harmful effects of EMF.

In recent studies it was found that magnetic energy works on the same premise as heat therapy. We all have utilized heat to provide relief of aches and pains. Magnetic energy relaxes muscle and tissue in the same manner as heat. Both heat and magnetic therapy share the same radiant qualities; while heat is more intense, magnetic therapy is more constant. The radiant energy produced by heat can only be utilized for a short period of time -- once the heat source is removed, discomfort often returns. Magnets can be worn for an indefinite period of time and thereby provide constant relief. In fact, utilizing both heat and magnetic therapy is an excellent treatment method. It is recommended that you do not wear magnets while receiving heat therapy (intense heat can deplete the strength of the magnet) -- simply remove the magnet and replace it immediately after applying heat.




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We are not medical professionals, and we cannot make any medical claims about the therapeutic use of magnets. We are not in any way promoting them as medical devices. Do not use magnetic products as a substitute for necessary treatments. Never place magnets over an open wound. Individuals with internal or external electrical devices such as pacemakers, insulin pumps or defibrillators should not use magnets. Not recommended for use during pregnancy. Please consult with a health care professional if in question.